Tile and Grout Cleaning:

The Art & Science Of Cleaning With Integrity!

Experience spotless, beautiful flooring year round with our exclusive ceramic tile, porcelain and travertine recurring cleaning system.

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Our Specialties

Our certified IICRC Tile and Grout cleaners are highly trained in multiple flooring surfaces. Our specialties range from solid surface bare concrete cleaning to ceramic tile, natural stone flooring , travertine, porcelain and limestone.

Before & After

High end truck mount equipment with proper pH chemicals provides exceptional cleaning and tile surfaces.

Residential & Commercial

Our technicians can handle both residential and commercial jobs.

Tile Plank Flooring

The fastest growing trend in tile flooring is hardwood plank tiles. Our system keeps them clean Year-Round.

Annual Tile Cleaning System

Up to 50% off

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Clean Tile & Grout All Year

Clean tile membership is designed with one thing in mind. You are able to walk into your home all year long and enjoy clean, healthy, spotless grout lines, and clean sparkling tile without YOU having to use and labor or harsh, dangerous chemicals to experience a beautiful home year-round.

Hassle Free

You do nothing! Our team handles 100% of everything for you. All you have to do is tell us how many times per year you want us to professionally clean and our in-house team does the rest. Simple, easy and EFFORTLESS

Clean Tile & Carpet Membership

In addition to you having clean tile and grout, our hybrid program allows members the freedom to add professional – steam extraction carpet cleaning at 50% off local prices.

Beyond Affordable

Our unique system (copied from worlds most successful membership store – Costco) we deliver non-stop clean, year round for prices that are 50%-70% LOWER than our competitors. People ask how is this possible?

Simple – after 40 years in the business and after following this method for many commercial account, the profit margins for our company are maintained and when significantly reduce expenses.

Custom Bouquets

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Fall Collection

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